Francisco Fernando Filho "TETÉU"

Francisco Fernando Filho, mais conhecido como "TETÉU", nasceu no dia 13 de Dezembro de 1917, dia de Santa Luzia.

Chegou ao Acre pelos idos de 1960. Já familiarizado com a mulher e alguns filhos, instalou-se numa colônia e sobrevivia da agricultura. Em 1963 tomou Daime pela primeira vez, ingressando na Doutrina do Mestre Irineu.

Chegou a morar na casa do Mestre por três…

Attention of the centers and communities of the holy daime that will make the hymn 'the advisor' of the tetéu, next July 6th, passage of master raimundo irenaeus serra A study necessary to all the brothers of this doctrine, who find in the words and melodies of this hymn a direct access to the teachings of

Francisco Fernando Filho, better known as "tetéu", was born on December 13, 1917, day of Santa Luzia.

He arrived at acre by the ides of 1960. Already familiar with his wife and some children, settled in a colony and survived agriculture. In 1963 he took daime for the first time, by in the doctrine of master

He lived in the master's house for three years. He was a humanitarian person, he liked to do charity, it was enough that a brother said that he was always ready, offering his vigil, would not leave the

It is assumed that the nickname tetéu, which has already brought from childhood, has been given for this fact of sleeping little, based on a bird from the northeast region that does not sleep, only naps and is called tetéu

After the passage of Mr. Leontius for the spiritual plan, which presided over the works in the high saint since the death of master irenaeus, tetéu was the one who replaced him, became president of doctrine
(12/13/1917 - 06/21/1985)

Francisco Fernando Filho, Tetéu, was born on December 13, 1917, in São Luís do Ceará. He moved to Acre around 1960 with his parents Francisco Fernando Lima and Idalina Fernando dos Santos and his wife, Chicuta. His parents ended up returning to Ceará, and he remained in Acre with Chicuta, with whom he had six children. He claimed that he had been drawn to Acre by a superior force. According to Padrinho Luiz Mendes, he settled in a colony and survived from agriculture, in a place next to Alto Santo, which is why in 1963 he took Daime, for the first time, from the hands of Mestre himself.

He was cheerful and charismatic, transmitting peace and optimism. “He was a serious man with tenderness, courageous, decisive, he liked to drink Daime and was not afraid to drink it. He looked for everything he needed in the Daime, to the point that on certain occasions he found himself alone, as he mentions in one of his hymns: I am inviting you smiling and no one wants to go with me”, said Luiz Mendes. “A humanitarian person, he liked to do charity work. If he was tough spiritually, he was tough physically. It was enough for a brother to get sick for him to be always ready, offering his vigil, never abandoning the sick person. It is assumed that the origin of the nickname Tetéu was due to this fact of sleeping little, based on a typically northeastern bird that does not sleep, only naps, and is called tetéu”.

He was one of Mestre Irineu's trusted men. From supervisor he became general command of the men's battalion, being soon afterwards appointed direct advisor to the presidency of the late brother Leôncio Gomes da Silva, who passed command of Alto Santo to Tetéu, as soon as he became ill. Some time after Mr. Leôncio passed away, Tetéu led the founding of a new church, the CICLU. Some uniforms accompanied him, such as the families of Dona Miriam and Luiz Mendes.

Tetéu died as a result of cancer, after having suffered a lot from the disease. On June 21, 1985, he disembodied, leaving behind a beautiful hymnbook made up of 132 hymns-and seven more hymns that he offered as a gift.