Daime is served a few times through the works, depending on the length and nature of the event. Typically the Daime is served at the very beginning of the procession after the main announcements are made from the center table and the work is initiated. The consequent servings of Daime are typically conducted after some time, usually around 90-120 minutes, although in some processions members simply walk over to the fiscal and ask for more. The manner in which Daime will be served is announced at the beginning of the ceremony to avoid confusion. If all are invited to take Daime together, a short pause will be announced and everyone will be quietly assembled according to seniority in two single file lines in front of the serving area, one for men and one for women. The elder members stand first with married men standing behind them followed by unmarried Daimistas, and finally visitors and children. The person will typically pause shortly or cross their bodies or foreheads in the familiar Catholic manner before downing the 2-5 ounces of the thick brown liquid and returning to their marked spot on the floor.