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The rose that the Father delivered, the most beautiful flower, was his own Son. After Jesus fertilized the earth with his blood, we could through him again have access to the flower of the self, receptacle of the sacred monad. It is righteous to water this flower with spiritual love, because it symbolizes the rebirth: the consciousness that we exist simultaneously on earth and in Heaven. The heart’s sacred garden needs to be nurtured with a love that creates deeds, not merely contemplative feelings that indulge the ego’s illusions. Love that is full of fantasies and longings is of no use because it produces vague emotions that cloud the lake of harmony. If we do not remain attentive and humble, we may dwell in emotional realms that are far from a state of true devotion.
Every gardener should be devoted to his or her plants, especially when dealing with the sprouting self, the presence of Christ in us. No matter how much care, surrender, and dedication we are able to give, it will never suffice, because this Divine flower, the self, sprouted in our hearts, is at the same time omnipotent, self-created, and universal.
We should learn not to speak of God until we know his intent in full, until we are swept away by love that drives us to the bottom of the mystery, until we love and revere his sublime and little understood intent.