The symbol of the cross predates Christianity by millennium. It also symbolizes the male and female principles of heaven and earth meeting in the place of androgyny: the heart. The particular cross given to Master Irineu for use in the Daime symbolizes the mission of Jesus Christ. The lower crossbeam, which it shares with other Christian religions as well as with many ancient peoples, symbolizes the first part of the mission of Jesus, which was to plant the seed of compassion in humanity and to call us to direct, conscious connection with the Divine. The second crossbeam represents the Second Coming of Christ, which is the birth of that seed—the Christ—in the hearts of all humanity. It is in this context that the religion of the Holy Daime is best understood. It has been delivered to earth at this particular time to play It s particular part, along with many other paths and sacred technologies, in this “Second Coming.”
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The "Lua Branca" - White Moon Cruzerinh
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"Sete Estrelas" Cruzerinho