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Oxossi is the Orixa that’s most commonly associated with the hunt and providing food, and is thus known as the God of Prosperity. However, like the other Orishas, Oxossi has some human failings, and can end up being the Orixa who is the father of waning or lack of provision.

Oxossi’s primary personality traits include lightness, cunning, wisdom and so on. Also, you might be surprised to know that Oxossi is not just about things like hunting and providing. He also loves the arts, and just about everything associated with that realm, be it sculpting, music composition, dance, etc.

Oxossi have a partner, Ogum, his brother. They complement each other so well.

Oxossi’s colours are green, blue and bright red, with green being the most common. His personality is affable, altruistic, selfless and friendly, though he is also known to be rather tense and austere. Because he carries a bow, naturally, archery is one of his symbols, as is an ox horn that lets out a sound that translates to “Lord, hear my voice.”

Finally, Oxossi tends to be syncretistically connected with St. Sebastian in the Rio de Janeiro region, and Saint George in the Bahia area.

Oxossi isn’t quite as famous as, say, Yemanja or Omolu, but he is no less venerated, especially in Brazil, since he has three specific feast dates: Corpus Christi, April 23rd and January 20th. If you connect with the forest, and have a love for the arts, chances are, you might have a connection with Oxossi.
É o Deus da caça e patrono do candomblé brasileiro. Este Orixá representa as florestas, os animais, a fartura e o sustento. Está nas refeições, pois é quem provê o alimento. A correlação com as forças naturais que representa este Orixá são a ligeireza, a astúcia, a sabedoria, o jeito ardiloso para capturar a caça. É um orixá de contemplação, amante das artes e das coisas belas.

Os filhos de Oxóssi tem como característica a observação e a alegria. São generosos e gostam de fartura.

Seu símbolo é o arco e flecha, o rabo de cavalo e o chifre de boi. É representado pela cor verde e seu elemento é a terra.

Seu sincretismo com a igreja católica é São Sebastião.