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Pedro Nunes da Costa (PEDRO DÁRIO)

Pedro Nunes da Costa, from Acre, Pedro Dário, was born (06/18/1949) and made his passage (06/21/2012) from this world during the month of June. Patron of the Céu de São Sebastião church, he received a tribute full of nostalgia from the Irmandade of his church. He was a tireless worker, from childhood to his last days. Recognized for his dedication and seriousness in the services of the Doctrine, he lived with Padrinho Sebastião, since he was little, and drank Daime at the age of 18 from the hands of Mestre Irineu himself.
- Shall we go, Mr. Pedro? Said Clara, calling Seu Pedro to continue his journey. To which he replied:
- Wait one moment. I have to talk to these two freaks who want to open a church.
That was our first date. The crazy ones were me and my older brother, Neto.
We were looking to make a point in Ribeirão Preto. Until then, we frequented Flor das Águas, in São Paulo, and worked with Glauco. The meeting was tense. Mr. Pedro, very seriously, asked:
- Do you make or sing the “dead”?
In which we answer:
- Yes, we do Mestre Irineu and part of Padrinho Sebastião. Seu Pedro held back from laughing.
-No, “the dead” I am referring to are the hymnals of Germano Guilherme, Antônio Gomes, João Pereira and Maria Damião, he then said.
Then we were sure we didn't know anything at all. Seu Pedro then adopted us. So much so that our center is named after him: Centro da Fluente Luz Universal Pedro Nunes Costa.
With him, we learned the importance of planting the Queen and the Jagube.
Mr. Pedro became part of our family. Behind that serious appearance, he had a fantastic mood!
When he wanted some herb in the backyard of the farm, he would say:
- I better talk to Jacy (my wife). You don't know the difference between a sheet of the Queen and a sheet of Jagube... mocking me and laughing.
On another occasion, talking on the phone with him, I told him happily that we had planted a Jagube tree here on the farm. It's him:
- One? Need to plant 1,000.
We also learned the respect that one must have for the Santo Daime Doctrine, respect for our godparents and for our Mestre Irineu.
Seu Pedro was a planter. Of Queen, of Jagube and of Doctrine. Wherever he passed, a point of light was born. Always advising everyone to join Mapiá, that is, Cefluris, at the time. He was a caboclo teacher of the most humble. When we called or gave a "long live to Padrinho Pedro", he was "P" of life. LOL
We did several Daime feats orchestrated by him. He made Daime of the finest quality. When he came to Ribeirão to have several complicated tests, endoscopies, tomography, among others, he was afraid and I joked with him:
- Do you want me to go with you, Mr. Pedro? I hold his hand.
People laughed out loud.
Great friend, father, brother.
I miss you so much.
I hope you hold my hand when it's my time.


Pedro Dário is survived by his wife, Rosa Maria Raulino, children, Vicente Prafivelo and João Pedro, and grandchildren, João Gabriel, Pedro Dário and Theo.