Francisco Corrente

(07/20/1948 - 01/10/2012)

The teacher who went from class to class, teaching everyone the value of a friend. Francisco Corrente da Silva, Padrinho Chico Corrente, Tio Chiquinho, are the names we call our dear Padrinho. He was born on July 20, 1948 and had his life dedicated to the expansion of the Santo Daime Doctrine. Healer of the forest, he was a man of the woods who had the wisdom of a caboclo. A hands-on maker, holder of spiritual knowledge that he transmitted to us with lots of love, humour, joy and with all his simplicity.

With him I saw God in the Sun, Moon and Stars. I saw God in everything. With him I trust the Sun, I trust the Moon. With him I am in the Garden of Hope and I give thanks to God.

He arrived in Rio Grande do Sul around 1993, and carried out works in several centers. In Chave de São Pedro, he is the patron saint of the Casa de Instrução Francisco Corrente da Silva. It was he who produced the first Santo Daime in our Casa de Feitio. Great encourager and tireless worker.

Once, we took a trip to Uruguay and, as I like to travel at night, we left Porto Alegre at 11 pm. We traveled all night and Uncle Chiquinho spent that time with me and helped me not to feel sleepy. At 7 am, we arrived at the Céu de Luz Church. I went to sleep and Uncle Chiquinho went to mow the whole church. When I woke up, he had grazed everything. This was Francisco Corrente da Silva, patron of the Céu do Cruzeiro do Sul Church, a community located in Viamão, in Rio Grande do Sul, which adopted all the Gaucho Churches, providing spiritual support so that everyone could walk with the certainty of the Doctrine.

The churches he supported and instructed were many and there are many of us who miss him. Born on friend's day!

ViVa Francisco Corrente!
ViVa the birthday boy!

Text: Wilton George
🌟 Words from Padrinho Corrente:

"When I was born, I had this defect (cleft lip). So I didn't breastfeed. I spent three days without breastfeeding, without any food. On the third day, late at night, my mother made a plea to Bom Jesus da Lapa, if I was going to die, take me away soon, if I was going to live, find a way for me to eat. She couldn't bear so much suffering.

My sister looked over and saw I had two fingers in my mouth. Then she looked at me and said:

My mother, he has two fingers in his mouth. And I'm going to make him some tea right now.
She poured the tea, I drank it and she said:

I will raise him.
She was 11 years old. And I managed my life from then on.”

This is how Padrinho Corrente dictated the beginning of his life story to me. He spent a few months at my house in Mauá in 1990, with his daughters Raimundinha and Dalvina.

I met him in 1985, at Colônia Cinco Mil. We were visitors to Céu da Montanha and soon he became Padrinho and friend of the group. Padrinho Corrente had humor, wisdom, and a special language for referring to human attitudes. Once, upon listening to a conversation of a person who was very self-important, he said:

-"How did you get up there so high? Come down here with us!"

At the end of 1985, he traveled to Rio de Janeiro and then Mauá accompanied by Padrinho Mário Rogério. It was a gift to the irmandade of these churches.

I met him as an elderly man. Therefore, listening to his life story touched me: he transported cattle for years, he was a rubber soldier, he lived in a rubber plantation in Purus where he participated in work in a spiritist group in the 40s, he met Mestre Irineu, he followed Padrinho Sebastião and even on the day of his passing he was working for the Doctrine.

To conclude, I want to remember how good it was to be with him on the wooden bench, in the living room of his house in Céu do Mapiá, where he lived with his daughter Raimundinha and his son-in-law Marcos.

Family and friends passed by every day, talking, praying, laughing, crying, and receiving good advice. In the last days of his life, spiritual works were made there.

The Soldier of the Queen was deeply missed and will be remembered with love, once again, on his birthday.

Text: Sonia Palhares